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Heavy in Your Arms :iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 4 13
me by LauraiRose me :iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 2 8
Controlled Love
It's late in the afternoon. Sunlight filters in through the paneled windows of Tony Stark's mansion; a single ray bounces off the Empire State Building, onto the bar, then onto the two men who are lying in a sweat-soaked heap on the cream-colored rug below. One of the men, Tony himself, shifts a little, and his partner, Loki Laufeyson, runs a long, pale finger down his spine.
"JARVIS," Tony mumbles absently to his AI. "Dim the windows. It's too fucking stuffy in here."
He feels Loki's lips brush the back of his neck; the god's skin is surprisingly cool, and Tony presses against his touch automatically, rolling over, his arc reactor glowing softly between them. He opens his eyes and smiles a little, and Loki is momentarily startled at how the bright blue of his irises is flecked here and there with his natural brown color, an indication that the spell from the staff is starting to weaken against Tony's natural strength and stubborn nature. He will have to recharge him soon… because
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 8 6
The Beautiful and the Damned
It starts off innocently enough.
Loki's back on Midgard because Odin wants him under Thor's protection, and Thor feels like Midgard is more his home now, so he'd prefer to watch over Loki here. And then Thor makes Loki stay at the Avengers Tower—formerly Stark Tower—because he's there more often than not and it would be easier for him than having to go check on Loki at an apartment.
(Besides, there's the unspoken theory of Thor's that any building inhabited solely by Loki would end up demolished and halfway to hell in five seconds flat.)
The first time Loki goes to Tony's room for sex, it's late at night and everyone else has already gone to bed, except for Steve, who likes to swim laps in the underground pool after midnight. Tony's coming out of the bathroom in a black ribbed V-neck and boxers and is so startled to see Loki lounging on his bed like it's normal that he almost drops his glass, which is half full with some very aged, expensive liquor.
"Jesus fuck," Tony says af
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 18 7
Of Stained Bedsheets and Lying Smiles
It's been seven months, three weeks, and four days—not that Tony's been counting or anything—since he first slept with Loki, and he's starting to think it might be more than just sex.
In the beginning, that's pretty much all it was: three or four times a week, Loki would show up in Tony's room and they'd fuck like rabbits, all long limbs and tangled sheets; depending on how late it was when they stopped—and usually it was four in the morning—Loki would stay the night, and sometimes he'd stay for breakfast, eating quickly and silently, casting occasionally glances at Tony over his plate which the engineer could never decipher, no matter how hard he tried.
And then he started talking to Tony, after the sex, leaned against the headboard with one arm draped casually behind his head and the other hand splayed out across Tony's chest, or threading gently through his messy brown hair, just talking about stuff. Sometimes it was personal—they talked about relatio
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 20 9
The Devil Plays all the Best Tunes
The first thing that Tony is aware of when he wakes up is the sensation of a sleep-heavy arm on his side. For a second he wonders 'what chick has enough weight to hold me down like that?' and then he becomes aware of how sore his ass is and how the inside of his mouth tastes like a combination of stale whiskey, sleep, and semen—not a pleasant taste, mind you—and he realizes he's gone to bed with another man.
He chuckles to himself, very quietly. He hasn't been to bed with another guy in years, not since Rhodey, but that was in college, and he was twenty then, and drunk, and cock-sure of himself, and…
Oh. Well, nothing's changed, except his age, but he's only fifteen years older now, and it's okay, because he's not forty yet, still young, still plenty of time to screw and be screwed and fix it later when the first gray hairs appear at his temples. He rolls over to see who he fucked last night and is more than a little surprised because it's Loki lying next to him.
Loki, t
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 18 8
me again ehehe by LauraiRose me again ehehe :iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 0 2 Um me i guess by LauraiRose Um me i guess :iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 0 0
What We Could Have Become
The first time it happens, Slash is drunk.
To be fair, he's not as drunk as Axl—which is a surprise, because Axl doesn't usually touch whiskey—but then again, he supposes that's his fault, too. They'd played a remarkably good show at the Roxy Theater, and then, in a rare bout of camaraderie which Axl doesn't show very often, even though they're all living together at Vicky's, the redheaded singer had slung his arm across Slash's shoulders and bet him twenty-five dollars he could drink him under the table. And Slash had stupidly gone along with it, thinking he could beat Axl out easily, and now he's sitting at a booth at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, his twelfth shot of Jack in his hand, watching in mild amusement as a completely shitfaced Axl Rose hurls half the contents of his stomach underneath their table. When the singer finally comes up, he's sweaty and pale (paler than usual, anyway) and has an odd expression in his eyes that Slash cannot discern.
"You okay?" the guitarist
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 14 9
Mature content
To Whom it May Concern :iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 6 13
Back Home
It was a warm spring afternoon, and Slash lay on the couch, a cigarette between his lips, eyes glued to the TV. There was some murder mystery on, but he wasn't really paying it much attention.
Suddenly, the front door opened, and a familiar, deep voice called, "Anyone home?" Slash felt his heart leap in his chest as he realized that Axl was back after his week-long trip with Izzy to see their families in Lafayette. He peeked over the back of the couch and watched as Axl tossed his bags on the floor of the apartment they all shared and reached into his jeans pocket for what was probably his first cigarette in seven days. Slash smiled to himself. He decided he would surprise Axl and flopped back down out of sight, just as the redhead glanced back up. Voice muffled slightly now by the cigarette clamped between his teeth, Axl called again:
"I see the TV on… somebody's here." Slash listened as Axl's footsteps came closer; a moment later, his entire vision range was filled by Axl
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 10 16
Sebastian was angry. Of course he was; he had, in his mind, every reason to be. There was Jim Moriarty, the man he'd been living with since god knows how long ago, sitting in front of the television, a blank expression in his eyes, a cigarette smoldering between his lips, completely fucking unaware of what day it was. The sniper felt his anger rising. The soldier in him said to just drop it, focus on controlling his emotions. The assassin in him wanted to throw the kitchen knife and impale Moriarty's head with it.
"Jim," he said, finally, "aren't you forgetting something?"
The psychopath turned halfway, and in the moment before he wiped his face clean of emotion, Sebastian caught a strangely human expression in his eyes. Before he had time to try and dissect it, however, Jim was standing up, moving towards him.
"I don't think so, Seb," he said, and there was that sneer again, infuriatingly cool and completely in contrast with his singsong Irish lilt. A strangled emotion rose up in Seba
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 3 0
Jack Daniel's and Cigarettes
Slash came home late from work to find the apartment completely dark and empty, the only sign of life a faintly lingering scent of cigarette smoke. He sighed quietly, shrugging off his leather jacket and tossing it on the worn couch. After a few seconds of fumbling at the wall, he found the light switch and flipped it up, revealing various bits of trash scattered around the floor and T.V. and one of Izzy's guitars. Slash reached down and picked up his pack of cigarettes, shaking it to get the final one to roll out... and was surprised to see a tiny note fall out with it. He stuck the cigarette into his mouth and, lighting it, opened the note.
If you aren't Saul, don't fuckin' read this.
If you are Saul, come to our room. Bring the Jack.

The familiar handwriting and commanding tone made Slash smile as he slipped the note into his back pocket and walked into the kitchen. There was a bottle of Jack on the counter; he briefly removed the cigarette from between his lips to blow out
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 19 23
He's stretched out over the mattress, staring at Sebastian as he walks in, a familiar smirk on his face. He's naked except for a tie wrapped around his neck, and Sebastian feels some of his tiredness ebbing away, replaced by a familiar warmth in the pit of his stomach.
"Rough day?" the man on the mattress asks, sensuality dripping like honey from his Irish accent. Sebastian swallows, nods.
Moriarty extends his arms, stretching out his fingers. "Let me take care of that," he says, and as Sebastian drops his knife and his coat on the floor and starts forward, he remembers why he's fallen in love with the sociopath. Because everyone else sees him as the cruel, calculating, complex genius who hates and kills, but Sebastian knows this secret side of him, and it's—he hates to admit—wonderful and beautiful, and he loves it.
Sebastian Moran falls into James Moriarty's arms, and as their lips meet, he forgets everything else.
"Are you still mad?"
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 1 13
Deduce This
Moriarty entered the room, a look of trepidation on his face. For the first time in his long relationship with his arch-nemesis, the sadicious smirk had been almost completely wiped from his lips.
Sherlock didn't turn. "Your footsteps indicate you're worried," he said coolly. "Have you finally decided that this is worth your time?"
"Don't," said Moriarty, and just the tiniest hint of desperation crept into his voice. "Don't act like a normal person having normal relationship problems. Don't try and pull the guilt card on me, because you know it would never work. Is this something Watson tried to teach you when he wasn't trying to get in your pants?"
Sherlock's eyes went icy, and his shoulders tensed as he turned halfway, scrutinizing the shorter man. "You thought about going to get me flowers to apologize, but since that's not your style, you didn't bother. See the flecks of rust on your fingers from the flower shop door handle and the bulge in your front jeans pocket, indicating a has
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 8 7
Ink on a White Canvas
He's upset. I can tell by the way he won't turn, won't look at me. He's facing the window, the one overlooking the hotel pool and the ocean beyond that, and his shoulders are tense, his arms folded. I've already tried to explain to him what happened—I would have never guessed, not in a million years, that an Australian girl would be like that. I'd always heard that they were the most refined, not like American groupies, who throw themselves at you at every turn; I'd heard Australian women were polite but reserved, they didn't just give it up to anyone, and especially not in the dingy bathroom at some casino after a hot concert with sweat still rolling off their breasts. But this one had just come to me, started talking to me, touching me, and it wasn't like I could just walk away—I have a reputation, he knows that. We all do.
Maybe I was a little smashed. But what does he expect, honestly? At least I know how to hold my liquor. It wasn't clouding my judgment. I knew what I wa
:iconlaurairose:LauraiRose 10 36


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Laurie Ramone
United States
Laurie. Twenty. Last of the Time Lords.

OTP(s): Frostiron, Capt. Jack Harkness/everyone, Rose/Ten.

Tacos are the best thing and if you disagree then you are actually wrong.

Current Residence: Louisiana
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Favourite cartoon character: Stewie Griffin
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In approximate order (yeah there's only two I know but it's late and I'm tired):

my Tumblr: thedefenestrationoftonystark.t…


I mean I still come on here to answer messages and shit but if you want to actually talk to me or read my stories that aren't Slaxl you should check those links out

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